Gala Program

Download the Gala Program AD Form

The Gala Program is a gorgeous full-color booklet that Gala guests receive as they walk through the doors of our magical end-of-year celebration!  The program includes a letter from Donna, custom-designed class pages, and all the BSI class photos. Thanks to the hard work of so many BSI parents, our 2012 Gala program earned more than $15,000 for our school!  And this year, every dollar our Gala Program earns through ad sales will be pure profit towards our fundraising efforts!

We need you, BSI families, to help us sell ads to businesses as this ad revenue contributes greatly to our fundraising efforts.  Think of the businesses that you already patronize (and their competitors!)-- chances are these businesses would love to reach out to more parents like you!  Consider approaching restaurants, bakeries, party supply places, dentists, tutors, bicycle repair shops, hardware stores, hair dressers, gyms, play spaces, dry cleaners... Gala Program advertising gives businesses fantastic exposure to the BSI community!  

Not sure how to begin approaching businesses and asking people to buy ads in our Gala Program? Here are two tips:

1. Get a buddy.  If you want to support BSI but you are not comfortable soliciting from businesses on your own, enlist a buddy for an hour, an afternoon, a day, and approach businesses as a team. 

2. Be strategic.  Bring copies of ad forms (attached) with you as you go about your day and try to sell an ad while you are patronizing a business-- they may want to reciprocate your patronage.  It also doesn't hurt to bring your adorable BSI student with you, and to mention to the owner/manager why their business is your child's favorite!

Also, think outside the AD box!  Ads are not only for businesses-- anyone can show their support of BSI by purchasing space in the Gala Program!  Use the ad space to tell your BSI student how proud you are! All it takes is a few words of appreciation and, as an option, you can also include their photo, a poem they wrote, artwork they made...  Ask family and friends to contribute and get a larger ad--you will be celebrating your child's accomplishments and helping our school!

Finally, we are excited to announce a new ad size this year: a one-line, text-only "Appreciation" through which students can appreciate their teachers, parents can appreciate students, teachers can appreciate staff, the possibilities are endless! 

When you sell a Gala Program ad to a business or want to purchase some space in the program for your BSI student, simply complete the "Ad Form"  and send it via backpack to BSI PTO, Attn: Gala Ad.  You can also email your ad information to bsigalaprogram at  

Ads are due Friday May 24, 2013.

Let's work together and get our programs funded!

Download the Gala Program AD Form