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"Emma Josefa" Doll

"Emma Josefa", handcrafted porcelain collectible authentic Marie Osmond Doll

Limited edition doll, created in commemoration of all the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island by sculptor Sonya Bryer.

(Value: $135)

Ursa Wooden Bear

Made of sustainable harvested beech wood. Ursa's powerful hardwood frame can hold many poses and her elastic-band muscles and durable wood limbs make her almost impervious to breakage. Value ($125)

Honeydew Doll from Shu Collections
Handmade by a local designer. "I am sweeter than honey, but only after my afternoon naps." (Value $120)


Classic Raggedy Ann and Andy Set
Handcrafted Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls by Ariel Design with Hardcover Storybook (Value: $100)

 Think It Story Kits

A write-your-own story kit for kids that can be completed in soft cover, and online, that is transformed via the Internet into a young author’s very own hard cover, professionally illustrated book. (Value: $40)

 Dance Costume and DVDs

Tap and hip hop DVD's for kids and Dance Dress

See images here (Value: $50)

Ballet Toy and Music Set


  • Puzzle
  • Paper Dolls
  • Romeo and Juliet DVD
  • CD
  • Hair Accessories
       See images here. (Value: $50)

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